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Work at Home Opportunities – An Overview on Virtual Assistants

If you are looking out for freelance opportunities, working as Virtual Assistant is one of the best alternatives for a great pay package. Out there are hundreds and thousands of small to medium firms, top executives of large companies and entrepreneurs that hire Virtual Assistants for their day-to-day work. Read further to know more about the world of Virtual Assistants (VA)

1. What is a Virtual Assistant?

  • Virtual Assistant is a person hired by an individual or a company to provide assistance in numerous work and activities.
  • VAs provide diverse categories of services ranging from administrative, technical and even designing and assistance for creative work.
  • Virtual Assistants work as ‘VA to Individuals’ and ‘VA to Companies’.

2. Why the employers hire VAs?

  • Saving time on unproductive administrative activities.
  • Saving money on the salaries and long term and recurring operational costs and overhead expenses of temporary or permanent employees.
  • Employers can devote more time for expanding their business and doing more creative and productive work.
  • Hiring a VA is the most cost-effective way instead of hiring temps or permanent employees.
  • Above all, VAs are independent contractors and hence the persons hiring VAs do not have to bother about employee insurance, sick leaves, vacations of employees and employment taxes, among other.

3. What are the advantages to VAs?

  • VAs can work from cozy comforts of home and from anywhere even if they are traveling.
  • VAs can simultaneously work for multiple employers.
  • Overall, a VA ends up earning much better packages instead of working as a full-time employee with a company.

In Conclusion

As most of the employers and their clients are from USA, Indians and Asians wanting to work as VAs must remain available during normal USA business hours. Generally, the offers as VAs are allotted on short-term basis spanning from 3-6 months. However, sometimes the opportunities could also be available for pretty long durations, maybe from 12-months to 2-3 years. Read another article on this website to learn more about how much you can earn as VA.

Checkout for Virtual Assistants Jobs at freelancing sites like GetAFreelancer, ScriptLance and Elance.

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