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Work at Home and Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingOn the Internet, several opportunities exist for work at home and freelancing activities, some of which have been widely acknowledged as proven models for earning online income. Affiliate marketing is one such highly effective and genuine program.

Here is a short guide to understand affiliate marketing in more detail.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing is an offshoot of Internet Based Marketing.
  • The concept of Affiliate marketing is very simple. An affiliate marketer works as an agent for selling online products of various companies and merchants.
  • For instance, a company makes virus removal programs and sells it online. For generating traffic to their site and for promoting the product, they use the services of affiliates spread over various geographies. In essence, instead of hiring sales team, they approach affiliates to drive traffic to their websites.
  • If you have a website with relevant niche, say computer, you can sign up with this company as an affiliate.
  • Whenever any potential customer clicks on the affiliate link or buys the product or service, you will earn money by way of commissions or incentives through ‘pay per click’, ‘pay per lead’ or ‘pay per sale’.
  • The merchant can recognize the unique link and the source and this is how you come into picture as an affiliate.

How to Get Going?

  • It is very easy. There are no up-front start-up costs.
  • You don’t need any formal education, degrees, specific skill-set or any experience in marketing.
  • If you have a website or you are the owner of a blog and if you fulfill certain preliminary requirements of the affiliate marketing network, you can start right from day one.

Summing Up

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most favorite and lucrative online money making tools for blog owners. I have achieved good success from affiliate marketing programs. To give you an idea, right here, you can visit the below list of affiliate programs:

  1. ClickBank
  2. PayDotCom
  3. ShareASale
  4. LinkShare
  5. MoreNiche
  6. Market Health
  7. CommissionJunction

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