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What You Should Know Before You Sign up With Ad Networks

Ad NetworksAd Network is a great boon to the bloggers. If you have a blog and if you are thinking of getting the monetary benefits out of Ad Network Programs, you should understand certain basic things before subscribing to such programs. Carry on reading further to find out what you should know before you apply for the membership of Ad Networks.

  1. Understand the terms and conditions very clearly. Many Ad Networks do not permit running of other ads including your own advertisement. Besides, you should also be aware about the likely implications of click-frauds, invalid clicks and violation of terms and conditions. Make sure that you do not end up with termination of your account for some or the other reasons.
  2. Placement of ads is the most crucial aspect. You should position the ads in such a way that it fulfills the requirements of the advertiser and at the same time, it does not spoil the appearance of your blog. Blogs with couple of ads placed randomly would surely discourage the readers to visit again to your site.
  3. Some of the Ad Networks have very tricky terms and conditions and therefore you should be more careful while running their ads.
  4. Work out which programs give you the best revenues and choose one that is most beneficial.
  5. Check out what are the payment terms, what the minimum withdrawal amount is, how you will receive the payment and what the charges for withdrawing the funds are.
  6. Learn how to monitor your ad network account. Make sure that the ad network provides all the data online so that you can keep track of your earnings and other statistics.
  7. Ascertain what happens if the ad networks can not provide any suitable ads to run on your blog

Summing Up

With a compelling blog combined with right Ad Network programs, you can earn substantial online income. There are tons of examples of people receiving five and six figure payments with Google Adsense (a type of Ad Network program). If you want to see for yourself, you can click here to see my latest pay check from Google Inc.

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