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What is Social Bookmarking – Internet Marketing

What is Social BookmarkingAs a blogger or a website owner, your first concern is to spread awareness about your existence on the World Wide Web. It is also obvious that for a steady flow of revenues from Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense or any other AdNetworks programs you must strive hard to have a regular traffic to your website.

If you are new to Internet Marketing and you have a new website, getting visitors to your site would be quite a challenging task. You must learn about the numerous Internet Marketing practices such as Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building, Link Popularity, Google PageRank, Social Bookmarking and many other techniques. Choosing the right strategy would depend upon several factors including time, money and ultimate business goals.

Among all the available Internet Marketing tactics, Social Bookmarking is considered as one of the best especially for the starters. Social Bookmarking Sites are identical to link exchange directories but with added elements like social networking and online bookmarking. You can sign up with any of the top social bookmarking sites (refer the list of most popular bookmarking sites at the end of the article) and submit your websites to them to drive loads of traffic to your website.

When you submit your site to social bookmarking sites, you should keep the following points in mind to further the chances of your site being clicked by millions of visitors.

  • Submit your site to maximum numbers of social bookmarking sites.
  • You should provide a compelling headline and high value description.
  • Go for tags and right keywords.
  • Associate your site with the right category to keep interested visitors coming back repeatedly.
  • Regularly upload fresh stuff and good-quality contents on your site.
  • Update your social bookmarking profiles to show that you have a genuine website.

Summing Up:

Social Bookmarking and Networking is a powerful method to generate huge traffic to your blogs and Internet Marketing Websites. With the availability of so many social bookmarking sites, you are likely to get confused. Here is a list of few of the top social bookmarking sites, not necessary in the specific order.

1. Digg 2. Yahoo! Buzz 3. StumbleUpon 4. Reddit 5. Technorati 6. Del.icio.us 7. Kaboodle 8. Mixx 9. Propeller 10. Newsvine 11. Fark 12. Slashdot.org 13. Twine 14. Clipmarks 15. Dzone 16. Faves 17. Blinklist 18. Diigo 19. Simpy 20. BlogMarks.net

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