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What Are The Top Social Networking Sites Of Today?

Social networking sites have a lot to offer. There are so many different uses for these sites, everything from finding lost friends to staying in touch with loved ones in the military. They make it easy to keep in contact with all of your friends, family, and even fans if you are a celebrity. Social networking can also be used for business purposes.

Anyone can get started with social networking sites and set up a profile for themselves. There are various different sites like this out there today but three top social networking sites in particular that are worth talking about. That includes the Facebook site for one. On Facebook you set up a profile for yourself and can then start viewing the profiles of others.

When you find someone you know or even just someone that you want to get to know you just need to add them as a friend. You can make posts on your friends’ walls, write messages, and you can even start groups for missing children or to have an online garage sale. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook and over the past few years since its inception it has gained tremendous popularity. Before this there was MySpace which is still around but not half as popular as Facebook is today.

Having a MySpace page is pretty much like having a personal webpage and this is why many people now prefer Facebook because it is more basic. MySpace is more of a sort of personal website than Facebook is which is why some still prefer it. Twitter is the most recent social networking site to hit super stardom. With Twitter you just make simple tweets, of 145 characters and less, with the idea being that you are updating your status purely to let people know what you are doing.

In 145 characters or less a person can type in what they want to say and it allows for faster updates to those who are following them. It is important to realize that there are also dangers that come along with these social networking sites. There are problems that people are concerned with when it comes to the social networking sites however. More than anything, some people are concerned that it is taking away from us being personal and instead sticking to keeping in contact with people over the computer.

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