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Understand What is Pay per Click Advertising

Pay per Click AdvertisingPay Per Click, acronym PPC, is one of the most powerful and effective ways of generating huge traffic to your website or products. It has changed the way Internet marketing works. Here is a guide to the basic concepts of PPC advertising.

  1. PPC is a form of advertising used on search engines and ad networks, where the advertiser pays the host for every click generated on the ad. Pay per Click advertising means paying the advertisers typically through AdWords delivery system of Google, Yahoo, MSN, BidVertiser or AdBrite for each click generated on the ad link.
  2. When you search any keywords on Google, you can find PPC ads on the top or on the right hand side of the search results – known as ‘Sponsored Links‘. In-Content ad links appear in an inside page on the website.
  3. Price for PPC ads primarily depends upon the keywords and the demand for a specific Keyword.
  4. Broader the keyword, more people bid for these ads. Top slots go to the highest bidders.
  5. You should select the right keyword and bid high to get a better position of your ad on the search results.
  6. If you have a limited budget on PPC, you should not aim to place your ad in #1 slot on Google AdWords.
  7. Keep in mind that for some of the keywords, rates could be as high as several dollars per click.
  8. If you are just starting your PPC campaign, you should ideally restrict your budget to $0.5 per click or even lower.
  9. Once your campaign runs for few days, you can analyze the data to find out the actual conversion rate to bid again for higher position.
  10. If you are not sure about how much you will end up paying on PPC campaign, you can set a daily or monthly budget.
  11. Besides the keywords, catchy title and compelling content for the advertisement is also a very important factor while going for PPC campaigns.

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