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Understand Ad Networks for Improving the Revenues from Your Blogs

Blog RevenuesBy now, as a blogger, you must have realized that Ad Networks play vital role in providing substantial online income from your blogs. However, many bloggers overlook several important aspects about Ad Networks and as a result end up with very poor revenues from their blogs. Here are some of the most important pointers that can guide you on how to improve ad revenues.

  1. First of all, make sure that you know how the Ad Networks make the payments. Generally, three methods are adopted for payment to the blog owners.
    • Cost Per Click (CPC) – In this method, you will get the payment for every click on the ads displayed on your site.
    • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) – For every thousand views/visits to your site, you will earn money. For instance, if your blog has been visited by 1 million visitors and the rate for CPM is $A, you will earn $A x 1000.
    • Cost per Action (CPA) – If a person clicks a particular ad on your site and takes the desired action or buys the product, you will be paid for such action or sale through your site.
  2. Depending upon the model of payment chosen by you, you should take further measures such as building the site properly, generating the traffic and creating a good Google page rank.
  3. Credibility, reliability and popularity are the three most important factors while choosing the right Ad Network programs.
  4. Nowadays, you have wide choices of Ad Networks including Google Adsense, YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network), AdBrite, BidVertiser, Tribal Fusion, ShareASale, LinkShare and MoreNiche, among other.
  5. Although most of the credible and popular Ad Networks know where to place the ads but you must also ensure where the ads would be placed on your blog. The preliminary idea is not to spoil the overall look of your blog pages. It should not happen that the readers have hard time trying to distinguish between the contents and advertisements.
  6. Ads must be relevant to the niche of your blog.
  7. Look out for the quality, quantity and consistency of advertisements provided by the Ad Networks.
  8. Keep a track on number of clicks, generated revenues and other data regularly in order to analyze the reports, which can help you in deciding whether you are wrong somewhere or you need to change the specific Ad Network.

In Conclusion

Gather maximum ideas, information and reviews on how to successfully earn a steady flow of revenues from Ad Network programs. Take an active part in reviews and discussions on popular work at home forum to learn from the actual experiences of the bloggers.

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