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The Advantages of a PayPal Plus Credit Card

A PayPal plus credit card is a MasterCard credit card that is specially designed for PayPal users. Don’t have a PayPal account, no problem. Sign up now! It works like a regular credit card but it features a special rewards program that is useful for individuals who utilize PayPal’s service for online transactions.

The card is distributed by GE Money Bank but it can only be utilized by the residents of the United States. However, cardholders can use their PayPal Plus credit card at any establishments where a MasterCard is accepted. Here are a few reasons why a PayPal Plus credit card may be good for you.

The major reason why you would want to sign up for a PayPal Plus credit card is its reward program. Utilizing the PayPal Plus credit card when paying on restaurants and gas stations will give your triple reward points, double reward points for PayPal and eBay transactions, and one reward point for every dollar spent elsewhere with it.

Once you’ve earned 3,000 points, you can swap them for rewards such as cash in your PayPal account, travel vouchers that can be used for air, hotel, and car rentals, gift cards for establishments, and various types of merchandise.

Another benefit of a PayPal Plus credit card is that it also includes Mastercard Platinum benefits. For example, if you utilize this card to rent a vehicle for 15 days or less, you may claim benefits. Another benefit is road assistance that lets you call 1800-MC-ASSIST whenever your car requires repair when you are on a trip. At times, you can double the warranty of what you purchased for up to a year when making use of this card. These are just a few of the MasterCard Platinum benefits that are included in a PayPal Plus credit card.

Lastly, the PayPal Plus credit card has a fast, 30 second credit decision when informing you if you are eligible to make a purchase instantly. It also has no annual fees so you don’t have to worry about paying for membership every year.

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