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What is Social Bookmarking – Internet Marketing

As a blogger or a website owner, your first concern is to spread awareness about your existence on the World Wide Web. It is also obvious that for a steady flow of revenues from Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense or any other AdNetworks programs you must strive hard to have a regular traffic to your website. If you are new to Internet Marketing and you have a new website, getting visitors to your site would be quite a challenging task. You must learn about the numerous Internet Marketing practices such as Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building, Link Popularity, Google PageRank, Social Bookmarking and many other techniques. Choosing the right strategy would depend upon several factors including time, money and ult Read more >>

Understand the Essentials of Link Building

For a blogger or an owner of a website, one of the foremost concerns is to grab as much traffic as possible. Bloggers often use several tactics to ensure higher traffic. Link building is one of the most important facets for securing higher traffic. Here is a basic guide to what link building is. What is Link Building? Link building or website linking means methods of hyper linking of different websites (especially high-traffic and industry-specific websites) to ensure mutual traffic. It is usually used as a part of Search Engine Optimization tactics. What is the Significance of Link Building? Linking between websites is an important part of SEO process, as Google PageRank algorithms use link popularity to rank web pages. Blog owners often Read more >>