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Make Money with IndiaStudyChannel.com – An Adsense Revenue Sharing Website

IndiaStudyChannel.com is an Adsense revenue sharing website, shares 90% of Adsense Revenue with its members, has more than One Lakh thirty thousand members from all over the globe. This website has many cash programs from which you get paid directly when you add content. If you are a newbie than must join this site. There is NO FEES to join. All revenue sharing programs are free to participate. Also you can find valuable articles and blogs related to Education, Career guidance and other useful topics. Also, you may discuss on various subjects related to education and other general topics. Their payment programs are designed for students to make some pocket money during by sharing their knowledge and educational materials like question paper Read more >>

Know the Realities of Freelancing Career

You must have read and learned a lot about freelancing career, most of the stuff being in the nature of motivating you to take up part-time/full-time living by doing freelance work at home. Majority of the articles including the ones on this very site speak only about the advantages and benefits of working from home. Very few people might have told you the dark sides or realities of online work at home opportunities. Well, I don’t intend to discourage you nor do I wish you to forget the idea of work from home. Nevertheless, if you are a newbie and toying with the idea of freelancing career, I sincerely feel that it makes sense to be familiar with the real world before you make up your mind to live the life of a freelancer. Freedom to Read more >>

Freelance Writing and Copywriting Opportunities Through E Book Writing

Out of loads of freelance writing and copywriting jobs, E or Electronic Book writing can offer instant fame and monetary benefits in the form of fees and royalties. Even after a couple of years after your books are published, you can still earn money from the royalties whenever anybody downloads your E Book. Besides the computers, people also read digital books on their mobile phones or other exclusive hardware devices such as ‘e-book readers’. E Book is the digital or electronic equivalent of a printed book. Initially, most of the electronic books were targeted to a very small group of interested people and mainly written for technical manuals and brochures. However, with the burgeoning popularity of Internet over other media, Read more >>

What You should Know before Taking up Freelance Writing & Copywriting as a Career

Freelance writing and copywriting is considered as one of the most lucrative segment of work at home businesses. It offers diverse opportunities of earning attractive packages for the right persons. Here are few things that can help you in taking up a career as a freelance writer. First of all, make sure that you have the flair for writing and the basic skills to become a freelance writer. You need not possess any literary skills or prior experience as a writer; however, knowledge in the specific fields would be an added advantage. For the beginners, I would suggest to start looking out for online freelance writing work rather than offline writing assignments for magazines, newspapers and journals. Initially, you might as well start with w Read more >>

A Guide to the Prevailing Rates on Online Freelance Writing & Copywriting Jobs

Freelance writing and copywriting is by and large the most lucrative option for freelancers who are not possessing software and programming skills. Original and well-structured articles without any typographical and grammatical mistakes could easily fetch attractive remunerations to the freelance writers. Here is a broad overview of ongoing rates for various writing and rewriting jobs on popular freelance sites. Rates for Writing and Copywriting Rates for writing fresh and well-researched articles are generally decided on the basis of per 100-words. For instance, an article with 500-words (around one full A4 size page) should easily pay anywhere ranging from $3-5 on the most popular freelancing sites GetAFreelancer and ScriptLance, which w Read more >>

Embark Upon a Full Time Vocation of Freelance Writing and Copywriting on the Internet

Freelance writing and copywriting is the latest buzzword in the community of work at home professionals. Would you like to make a beginning to an exciting and lucrative opportunity of 100% Free and 100% legitimate source of income? Work at Home offers several resources for making money online. Freelance writing and copywriting not only offers few extra bucks but it also has a potential to be taken up as a full-time vocation. Internet is probably the only medium where there is an extensive free flow of information and content. Millions of people all over the world have said goodbye to the print media for their daily dose of what is happening around the globe. Community of online news and information seekers is increasing by leaps and bounds. Read more >>