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Make Money with IndiaStudyChannel.com – An Adsense Revenue Sharing Website

IndiaStudyChannel.com is an Adsense revenue sharing website, shares 90% of Adsense Revenue with its members, has more than One Lakh thirty thousand members from all over the globe. This website has many cash programs from which you get paid directly when you add content. If you are a newbie than must join this site. There is NO FEES to join. All revenue sharing programs are free to participate. Also you can find valuable articles and blogs related to Education, Career guidance and other useful topics. Also, you may discuss on various subjects related to education and other general topics. Their payment programs are designed for students to make some pocket money during by sharing their knowledge and educational materials like question paper Read more >>

Basics of SEO for Work at Home Freelancers – How to Go About Link Building

SEO is not only a time consuming but also a continuous process and that is why SEO experts often state that thriving for top ranking through SEO tactics is an ongoing battle. Link building is an integral component of entire Search Engine Optimization Process. I’m sure that you must have heard about link building and its role in generating traffic to your site. You might have read two interesting articles on this very site itself. Carry on reading further to learn how to go about link building. There are several ways of how to find popular sites and get those authority pages linked to your site. Keep a watch on Google alerts that will update you on sites relevant to your niche. You can look out for list of top 10, 20 or 30 sites in yo Read more >>

Understand Ad Networks for Improving the Revenues from Your Blogs

By now, as a blogger, you must have realized that Ad Networks play vital role in providing substantial online income from your blogs. However, many bloggers overlook several important aspects about Ad Networks and as a result end up with very poor revenues from their blogs. Here are some of the most important pointers that can guide you on how to improve ad revenues. First of all, make sure that you know how the Ad Networks make the payments. Generally, three methods are adopted for payment to the blog owners. Cost Per Click (CPC) – In this method, you will get the payment for every click on the ads displayed on your site. Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) – For every thousand views/visits to your site, you will earn money. For inst Read more >>

Tips for the Newbie Bloggers

Creating a blog might be easy but managing your blog successfully and profiting from it, is rather more difficult. The real trick lies in maintaining the blog in order to generate more traffic and to ensure that the readers visit repeatedly. Many people earn full-time living with blogs; however, to reach to that stage, it demands lots of hard work and intelligence. Here is a list of few tips for the beginners wanting to generate cash from their blogs. Select the right niche and topic for your blog. Unlock your true and hidden potential as a writer and post best quality stuff on your blogs. Garbage contents would surely not attract the readers to your site. Update the posts regularly with new and fresh information. Take all the steps necess Read more >>

A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

Many of the computer and Internet literates have heard about blog, blogsite, blogging etc. However, out there is a large population in many countries that is not at all aware about what is a blog. Many people have just some vague ideas about blogging. I am going to write a series of articles on all the aspects of blogging including the most important part on how you can earn a steady and passive flow of income through blogging. To begin with, here is a small article on the basics of blogging. What is a Blog? A blog is essentially a website created and maintained by a person like you and I. The actual term for the word blog is “Weblog”, which means a log on the web. Over the period, weblog has contracted into Blog. A blog contains artic Read more >>

Blogging as a Tool to Make Money Online

You must have heard from your friends and read over the Internet that blogging is an excellent way of turning your hobby into a money making machine. You must be wondering what exactly it means when someone tells you that you can profit from your blogs or you can monetize your blogs. Well, carry on reading further to learn more about blogging as a tool to work from home. First of all, learn few basic things about blogging technology, prepare yourself to work hard, at least few hours daily, and make sure that you have the flair for writing good stuff. Create your own blog. With the availability of numerous free blogging software such as blogger and wordpress you can easily set up a blog. We will not discuss much about how to set up a blog a Read more >>