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PPC Vs SEO – Which One is Right for the Freelancers in the Internet Marketing Business

PPC Vs SEOFor a freelance Internet Marketer or a Blogger looking for Google Adsense income, marketing their websites and generating huge traffic are the two most important tasks. Selecting the right method, SEO or PPC Campaigns, is often a tough decision. In this article, I have discussed few points, which could guide you in taking the right decision.

PPC – Pay per Click, as the name implies, is a method where advertisers pay for every click on their advertisement. Many of you might be aware how PPC works. You will write a compelling ad blending right keywords in the content, bid the price for the desired slots and placements on the search engines and pay whenever someone clicks on the ad.

SEO is an Internet Marketing strategy. Therefore, like any other marketing strategies, you need to put in lots of efforts to reach to the top of the search engine ranking. It is a continuous process where you need to adopt various on-page and off-page SEO tactics such as link building, directory submissions, creating high-quality stuff for your web pages, adding Meta tags and using right keyword phrases to ensure high PageRank.

PPC is the fastest and sure shot way to generate instant traffic whereas SEO is a slow approach, as the results can not be seen overnight. Although SEO is a time consuming method, but over the long run, SEO helps in achieving better organic Search Rankings.

PPC is relatively a costlier affair as compared to Search Engine Optimization process. Despite PPC being a costly proposition, you have full control on your budgets, advertisements and keyword phrases. Although you can not predict the outcome of the campaigns, (I mean the conversion rate) but you can always change the modus operandi by changing your ads, keywords, landing page and placements to ensure higher conversions.

Summing up:

PPC and SEO both the methods have its own plus and minus points. PPC is the fastest route to gaining huge traffic to your site. Choice of PPC over SEO is like time versus money. In addition, most important – you should keep in mind the ultimate goals of your business.

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