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My PayPal Account: Personalizing Your PayPal Experience

Did you know that you can configure your My PayPal account settings when using the payment service? Don’t have a PayPal account, no problem. Sign up now! There are several things that you can alter in your account in the Profile Summary section of PayPal. To access it, just sign in to PayPal and click the ‘Profile’ link located in the My Account tab. Here are some of the settings that you can change in your My PayPal account.

The My PayPal account settings is made up of three parts. The first part is the Account Information section where you can modify the relevant personal details about your account. For example, clicking on the Email link will let you add up to seven more email addresses to your account apart from the primary one that you registered. You can also change your address or phone number here if you transferred to another place or had a new number. This part will also enable you to alter your password, language preference, security question, time zone, notification settings, and many more.

The second section of My PayPal account is the Financial Information section where you can change the settings that are related to your financial details. Here you can add or edit the bank, credit card, and debit card account that are linked to your PayPal account. If you want to put a new currency in your account, you can do it in the Manage Currencies section.

After adding a new currency to your account, all future payments that you will get in that currency will be automatically added to that account. You may also review the history of your payments for your subscriptions, automatically billed payments, and installment plan payments in the My Preapproved Payments section.

The last section in the My PayPal account is the Selling Preferences. This section includes tools that are helpful for people who plan to get payments through PayPal. For instance, those who sell in eBay can manage their auction accounts in this section. You may also make invoice templates that you can use to bill your customers in the Create Invoice Template section. Furthermore, you can build a customized PayPal button that you can include in your website so that your customers can pay you with just a click.

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