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Marketing Research Process And Procedure

Marketing research is the method of gathering pertinent data which pertains to the wants and needs of the general populace in relation to the ability of a supplier to provide said needs, thus facilitating an understanding between both parties. The process normally involves interviewing, surveying, a close observation of marketing performance, fads, and general public taste. With the help of marketing research, companies grow and improve the quality of their products not only to meet the standards of the consumers, but to open new roads to innovation and change.

Marketing research data gathering is the primary source of information from which all sales, products, and marketing gimmicks stem from. Real-time data is attained through the simple but somewhat repetitive marketing research process practiced by many companies. For an effective marketing research process that is guaranteed to work, you should follow six simple steps:

First, you must analyze the factors of supply and demand. Simply put, supply and demand encompass the whole of marketing, as the number of supplies of a certain product can only be as much as the number of people willing to buy it, otherwise it will be a waste; and being such an factor, it is considered first and foremost.

The secondary marketing process involves looking beyond one’s borders by analyzing possible profit from foreign places, as exports are a great way of increasing one’s profit. An in-depth study is required before proceeding with foreign sales however, as there are some cultural variances which in some cases may hinder the salability of a certain product.

Researching for the significant benefits of certain trends and fads and how they can contribute to increased sales production and product interest as well as trump competition is the third step in the marketing research process. In the world of marketing, they take calculated risks and never leave anything to mere chance. All the products which are sold in marketplaces and groceries are there because of a careful examination and analysis of what will sell. The existence of products from cosmetics to clothes to food all depend on whether the public will express interest in it or not, and most of the time, a company will ditch a product run once it proves unsaleable.

The fourth process involves finding the niche or target area where your product will sell most.Finding your target area or niche is the fourth process of marketing research. The products which a company intends to sell must meet not only the demands of the customers, but fit with their needs as well. Of course, the last marketing research process we are all too familiar about is finding out the viability of the above-stated calculations by conducting tests in real time. To determine this, many marketing procedures can be employed, among them – online and offline surveys, product monitoring, and brand name testing.

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