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Make Money with TrafficNowFire

TrafficNowFireAt TrafficNowFire you earn free traffic and cash for clicking links, voting links, and referring others to do the same. The best links rise to the top and the worst are buried as everyone votes on links submitted by everyone else.

Get paid cash for using their site and when your referrals purchase ICONs and BOLD feature for their links. By clicking links (200 Points), voting links (100 points), and referring others (10 points+commissions), you can trade the points you earn for cash.

Trade Points for Cash:
BASIC members earn $0.45 per 25,000 points traded. (Max Points Per Day: 25000)
PRO members earn $0.65 per 25,000 points traded. (Max Points Per Day: 75000)

How to Make Payout Request?
To make a payout request, send an email to: payments@trafficnowfire.com. All payments will be made in 48 hours. The minimum payout is $20.00 for Basic members and $10.00 for PRO members.

Visit their how it works page for more info OR Join Now to start earning today. All earnings will be paid via your PayPal or AlertPay account.

How to Join?
Simply visit their Join Now page and fill out the form to join instantly.

8 Responses to “Make Money with TrafficNowFire”

  • Bobbi says:

    Just found this, and wanted to just say that the pay structure has changed considerably, it isn’t that high anymore. trade 20,000 points for a share and then share’s are transferred to cash or should I say pennies per share. Still I like the traffic I have been able to get from this site.

  • obet says:

    Hello Wah

    Thanks for a prompt and informative response.

    this is actually true is not correct what I feel I still do ….
    for work at home opportunities.


  • Kim says:

    Thanks for the trafficnowfire review. Now it is with more earning options.

  • Nancy says:

    Are you thinking trafficnowfire scam? Not a scam. Just I been paid. I am upgraded to Pro. Best of luck you guys!

  • Irene Nevins says:

    Starting to see posts of payments received by upgraded members.
    Your links get viewed here because they last longer than at Vinefire. You also see payments to your cash balance for your affiliate’s purchases as soon as they clear.
    Bold and/or Icon links are incentivised so we go out of our way to click on as many of them as we can find.
    As far as earnings, $20(free member) can be achieved in 23 days pushing it higher than any PTC site with no referals.
    Admin keeps you posted and pesonally answers emails.

  • dhrupad says:

    Hello WAH

    Thanks for a prompt and informative response.

    I also take this opportunity to congratulate you for providing useful stuff to people like me and millions of others who are looking out for work at home opportunities.

    With best wishes

  • WAH says:

    @dhrupad: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment. About trafficnowfire: This kind of ‘Get Paid’ sites are not genuine for long term. They may vanish in few months. However at present, it is ok. They have a support page, also terms of service and Privacy Policy, however, you’ll not found any physical address as the nature of site.

    About:trade points for cash – “basic members can post…” That means, basic members can add 8 sites or links to promote per day. And can earn upto 25000 points ($0.45 cash) per day by doing other activities like clicking, voting etc.

    This kind of sites are good to advertise websites, not for money making in long term.

  • dhrupad says:

    How genuine is trafficnowfire?

    I don’t find any physical address (neither on support page, nor on terms of service or anywhere else

    Are there any “unpublished fine-prints”

    In the section ‘trade points for cash’, there is a condition “basic members can post a max of 8 links per day and can hold/reach a max of 25000 points in their account per day” – What does it exactly mean?

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