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Make an easy $50 to $100

Make At Least $50 – $100 Per Site Flip

Step 1

Register a niche domain name. Based it around a specific niche or series of products or entertainment site and make sure the keywords get some traffic. Go to opensourcedesign.org or oswd.org and find a template to match your niche.

Step 2

Build 10 to 20 page website with content based on your niche.

Step 3

List is on sitepoint.com market place under turkey key website and list it for $50 to $100

Make $100 to $500 off the same site. in 30 days

Instead of selling it right away do some promotional work with your site. Decide how you want to make money with your site. Adsense or affiliate promotions or a mixture of both. Ebay affiliate program also good for niche sites.

Add wordpress blog to your website. For the next 15-30 days post at least 1 post per day related to your niche. Monetize post with adsense or affiliate offers. Digg, Mixx, Ping your post etc. Submit your blog to rss feed sites like feedage.com or rssmillions.com

Build backlinks to your site for the next 15 to 30 days.

Write 1 article per day and submit them to ezinearticles.com. Once they get published. Submit the same articles to other article directories.

Use web 2.0 sites like squidoo.com, hubpages.com, wordpress.com, blogger.com and link back to your main site. These pages should be related to your niche. Use your ezine articles for the content to save time.

Use press released to get some major link juice to put your site in the search engines. The quick way to top rankings and steady traffic flow is by using press releases. webwire $19 Prweb $80

Your goal is to get your site spidered in the search engine and rank high as you possible can for your keywords. You want to produce some kind of income either from adsense or affiliate sales. Expect your domain name to sell for 3 to 6 times its revenue.

Make $1000 and more from a site. in 3 to 6 months

Get some page rank and ranking high in the search engines. Get it producing at least $500 per month. Use ppc to find out which pages are making sales and build backlinks to those pages.

Just keep building content and backlinks. You site should have 100 to 500 pages.

Submit new press releases once per month.

A well established website that produces $500 per month, you can expect it to sell $2500 to $5000. Especially if all your money comes from adsense people will go crazy over it.

The amount you will make is determined on your sites revenue, traffic, and position in the search engines.

Good Luck!

Get a step-by-step more detailed guide on this, under $10.

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8 Responses to “Make an easy $50 to $100”

  • Amila says:

    Great methdes described. I will give a try right now.

  • Utley says:

    Just thought I’d give a quick update on some success’s I have had flipping a site. Here is exactly what happened:

    – Purchased a blog on DigitalPoint for $200. It was a PR 1 with about 30 uniques per day. the domain name was decent.
    – I began blogging every day once or twice a day. I then submitted each new post daily to about 10 social bookmark sites like Digg, Propeller, Twittley, and Spurl.
    – I created a Twitter account and got about 2000 friends. I then tweeted each new blog post I made about 3 times a day.
    – I did some blog commenting placing my URL in the comments in a way that was not spam.

    After 3 months of doing this the blog was was now a PR 4, and had close to 350 uniques per day.

    I posted the site on Sitepoint and it sold for $1550. That was a $1300 profit for about an hour of work each day. Thats 90 Hours total or about $15 an hour of work. Not great, but, also not bad. I did it more for the website flipping experiment than the money.

  • Gary says:

    I have done site flipping in the past and can be valuable…I love Sitepoint.com…Its a great resource for people who want to buy and sell websites, as well as established sites that are earning money everyday! It can be a little time consuming, but if your up for the challenge can be very rewarding as well…Good luck!


  • BKobus says:

    Interesting topic. I didn’t understand what flipping websites was until reading this.

  • Cool Techno says:

    great idea.. but i prefer to keep them making a passive income for me, rather than selling for few months revenue.

  • Jesica says:

    Thanks alot for those tips

    i am interested in site flipping, and i will try the techniques you have shard.



  • Ladeda says:

    looks good, i think i will try it on a site.

  • FireWolf says:

    this is a good post. I actually never thought about going to oswd.org to find templates.

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