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List Building Explained For Beginners

List building is crucial to any internet business and everyone talks about how important it is and how their lists are the key to their success. However, when they are asked to explain lists and list building, they often stumble and are at a loss for words. List building explained, in its most basic form, will be to define a list as a database of all your potential customers and list building will, in turn, be the exercise of building upon the number of potential customers you have so that your potential market increases. Or, to put it simply, the list is your market and list building is expanding it.

How people come to your site is a matter for another discussion, but they come because what you are offering is of interest to them. But having an interested visitor is not the same thing as making a sale – very few of the first expressions of interest ever turn into actual sales. Sales will only come with building up your website (or building up your brand) and the only way to get this done is by keeping yourself in the front of people’s minds so that they are constantly reminded of what your business is and what products you are selling. To do this you will need to be in regular contact with them and keep sending them information that will excite their interest along with reasons why they can satisfy their need by buying form you.

A website is a faceless entity in the cyber world and to get someone to pay money to it they will need to have trust and this can only be created by constantly offering information of value and reason why they should buy from you. The email addresses that you use for this communication is your list and is the key to your market.

Beginners in ecommerce often think that numbers are the key to success and that the bigger the list they have the better. It doesn’t work that way – what good is list of 10,000 email address of people in Iceland when you are trying to sell Bermuda shorts? You must spend time in creating a focused list of people who may really buy from you because a conversion rate of 20% on a list of 1,000 email addresses means more sales than a conversion of 1% on a list of 10,000.

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