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Know the Realities of Freelancing Career

Freelancing CareerYou must have read and learned a lot about freelancing career, most of the stuff being in the nature of motivating you to take up part-time/full-time living by doing freelance work at home. Majority of the articles including the ones on this very site speak only about the advantages and benefits of working from home.

Very few people might have told you the dark sides or realities of online work at home opportunities. Well, I don’t intend to discourage you nor do I wish you to forget the idea of work from home. Nevertheless, if you are a newbie and toying with the idea of freelancing career, I sincerely feel that it makes sense to be familiar with the real world before you make up your mind to live the life of a freelancer.

  1. Freedom to do whatever you want is a rather overly stated truth. In reality, you will have to get along with many unpleasant activities, which in normal course, you might find it boring. Nevertheless, for being a successful freelancer, you cannot overlook anything.
  2. Being your own boss is no doubt the most attractive perk of being a freelancer. However, when you are working as a freelancer, nobody will tell you what you have to do. Your customers will not guide you on how to do your job. On the contrary, they would be sitting on your head dictating deadlines and payment terms.
  3. Enjoying life and spending quality time with family having fun and relaxation may sound tantalizing. However, managing time from writing proposals, business plans, sending inquiries, searching jobs on freelancing platforms, and follow up about payments, among other is not as easy as it sounds.
  4. You might have some fancy ideas of doing only those work that you love. Mind you, your favorite work will not always be available at your doorsteps and hence you have to be mentally prepared to accept whatever comes along.
  5. If you were a creative writer or software professional, you would surely find it tough to play role as a ‘business person’, managing clerical and administrative activities, handling customers, billing clients and writing business reports. Besides being not comfortable handling business part, you could as well find it boring. You may not be able to spend more time for productive and creative work.

Summing Up:

With unrealistic expectations, you might be disappointed and frustrated too fast too soon and which could as well put an early full stop to a potentially lucrative career. Entrepreneurial skills and business parts are the most challenging aspects for becoming successful freelancers.

4 Responses to “Know the Realities of Freelancing Career”

  • praveen says:

    i want to work as a free lancer.

  • Jessie F. says:

    That’s what we try to encourage the sellers on our site(http://Vois.com/seller) to do when it comes to hiring others to help you with your job even if you have to pay a little, and some do hire someone else to do it for the right price! There are more ups than downs when it comes to being a freelancer. Freelancers just need to know where to find the work and also could use the opportunity.

  • patel nikee says:

    I am nikee patel i am job work i am accountn

  • I use freelance workers all the time for jobs I don’t have time for. Remember time is money and it can be worth paying someone else to do a job if it free’s up your own time for more important matters.


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