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Finding Interesting Topics to Make Money with Article Marketing

Article MarketingArticle marketing is a very effective type of advertising whereby a business writes articles related to what it is selling.  This is because of the many advantages of online advertising such as the low cost, the fact that content of the ad can be changed any time, and the large audience.  Article marketing is all about writing articles to explain about what you are selling and to advertise the same so that people can follow the link provided to go to your landing page.  You will therefore be able to make more sales.  One way of guaranteeing that your article is search engine optimized is having good content because the more people view it, the higher it will be ranked.  However, the best way to optimize your article for search engine ranking is to have the right keyword in the title and the content.  It is therefore important that you know what causes article rejection to avoid wasting a lot of time and energy rewriting.

You must weigh the pros and the cons or using multi-terms, which are made of three or more keywords, or single term phrases.  If you go for multi-terms, the small number of people who click on them may have the intention of buying while narrow search terms means the large number of people who click on them are just browsing or searching for something specific.  You should note that copying someone’s work is not only wrong, it is illegal and it might land you into trouble.  To attract more hits, you should use qualifying terms.  These include instant download, free shipping, automatic, immediate, and free, but do not overdo it.

To prevent rejection, you must follow the word limits given by the publishers.  Visiting article directories will give you an indication of the topics that are popular with the public and writers.  All you need to do is type in a keyword and you will get the number of articles that have that keyword – go for the keyword with most hits.

Different article directories have different rules and they are very strict about these rules.  With such tools, when you type in a phrase, you get a series of phrases and these are fine tuned as you get more specific.  You should make your articles are readable as possible not just for the article directory, but also for your readers.  You should target a niche with your keyword since broad keywords do not convert well.  Having a niche means you will not be competing with many people.  Another great source of topics is the news and the advantages of this source are that it is free, it is current, and the news stories are already thoroughly researched.

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