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Concept of Making Money through Google Adsense

Adsense is an Excellent Tool for Sailing through the Global Recession. See the proof:

INR.100,326.63. Click on the Check to Enlarge.

My Adsense Check for February 2009

Most of you must be aware about the global financial turmoil, which started with defaults in the USA mortgage markets and the sub-prime crisis and later on snowballed into a worldwide liquidity crunch. In fact, the crisis has turned into a catastrophe, the enormity of which is often compared with the economic recession of the 1930s. A large number of companies including many of the top names in the multi national corporations are facing slowdowns, loss of business and are on the verge of bankruptcies due to several factors. All these ultimately boils down to pink-slips, wage reductions and overall rough road ahead for the employment situations and for the salaried people like you and I, who have no alternatives but to seek supplementing income sources.

Internet has not only done great wonders in many spheres of life but also thrown open several ‘Work at Home’ or ‘Work from Home’ opportunities for the people throughout the world. Internet marketing and advertising have been widely acknowledged as one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of reaching to the masses in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and many other countries in the world, Adsense or Google Adsense being the most common.

Many of you might be familiar with adsense programs; however, out there are millions of people who are new to the whole concept of making money through adsense. Here is a brief guide for the newcomers about the overwhelming Google adsense program.

1. What is Adsense?

Adsense is essentially a scheme for displaying advertisements for promoting numerous products on the website, be it a blogsite, personal blog, product or service selling website or any other website. Looking at it the other way, adsense is an excellent method to monetize your website or to generate steady revenues from an otherwise unproductive website. If you have a personal blog and if you are a member of Google adsense, you will be paid some revenues whenever a visitor to your site clicks on the advertisement, revenue being a small percentage of what Google gets from the advertiser. Unlike many other similar Internet advertising programs, Google adsense is open to even very small websites.

2. How to Get Going?

You can start by making your own website, blog or blogsite through Google or many other easy to use and free software programs such as wordpress, blogspots, blogger and Vbulletin, among other. In essence, the website should be strictly as per the terms and conditions of Google adsense program. Once, your site is ready, you must post informative articles on regular basis so as to keep a good traffic of visitors to your site because your ultimate earnings would depend upon the website traffic. If your website complies with the terms and conditions of adsense, you can apply to Google for the Adsense account. Depending upon several factors, Google may take several hours to several days to process your application. Upon being granted the membership, Google would send you an email and video tutorials for step-by-step procedure to get started with your adsense account. Most important part of the whole program is to place a certain code into your web page, which will connect the page to the Google’ advertisement server and pull in the advertisements that are relevant to your web page. Everything is automatic and hence you don’t have to bother much except the code.

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