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What is Social Network Analysis?

Social network analysis is associated with network theory and it has actually developed as a main technique in modern sociology. Biology, geography and also information science among many other kinds of scientific groups find the study of social networking to be even more important than before as time goes on. The methodology of social network has no doubt been presented in a bad light in the past due to the complex nature of the entire development of the analysis. Social network analysis with its theoretical statement, analysis procedure, methods, software, and researches, it has now moved from metaphor to paradigm. Network analysis is believed to have discrete methods in order to gather data and to get statistical analysis which make Read more >>

What Are The Top Social Networking Sites Of Today?

Social networking sites have a lot to offer. There are so many different uses for these sites, everything from finding lost friends to staying in touch with loved ones in the military. They make it easy to keep in contact with all of your friends, family, and even fans if you are a celebrity. Social networking can also be used for business purposes. Anyone can get started with social networking sites and set up a profile for themselves. There are various different sites like this out there today but three top social networking sites in particular that are worth talking about. That includes the Facebook site for one. On Facebook you set up a profile for yourself and can then start viewing the profiles of others. When you find so Read more >>

The Social Network – A Definition

Social networking has existed, in some form or another, since the dawn of civilization. The earliest men networked and bonded into tribes to their mutual benefit and the security it offered them. As civilization developed and became more complex, so did the complexity of these networks and soon there were specialized fraternities, guilds and associations of people with common interests and aims. This evolved until, by the late 20th century, networking for social and business reasons became an established part of life. The definition of social networking and the way it is done took on a new shape with the advent of the internet. Today we think of social networking as a positive and necessary activity needed to develop and expand our Read more >>

The Do’s and Don’ts in Gamer Social Network

Gamer social networking is a forum where gamers can meet and exchange ideas about games, play against each other, discuss the best and the worst games, and do many other things. However, you should note that some of these sites are cool and others are lame. Knowing the cool sites before registering will save you a lot of time and effort. You should not overdo your profile as this will seem pretentious. This is important because they get gamers who share their interests, such as video gamers for those in video gaming. With a refined search, gamers do not have to waste their time, energy, and resources connecting with gamers who will not help them. UGAME is one of the most popular gamer social network sites and it is open for all pl Read more >>

Mobile Social Network – Stay Connected While On The Move

Communicating via social networking sites is one of the most popular pastimes of the younger generation, today. They do so, because such sites are the easiest and quickest way to connect with friends and family, from home or anywhere. The recently introduced mobile social network is the outcome of advanced mobile phone technology and the increasing popularity of social networking sites. The two factors that have given mobile social networking a big boost was the recent introduction of mobile internet services AND the sophisticated, new camera functions on advanced mobile phones. The user base of social networking sites is enormous and is witnessing continuous growth because of the efforts to add sophisticated, new features to their Read more >>

Is Dating on a Social Network Possible?

For years, online dating sites have been the only alternative for people who, for a variety of reasons, were not able to, or did not want to meet people in the “real” world. These sites do a good job and have brought together millions of people who would otherwise have been alone. But the advent and rapid growth of social networking sites has posed a challenge to the traditional online dating ones. Sites like Facebook, MySpace and the others have millions of members all looking to expand their social networks and establish links to like minded people who share the same interests and opinions. The fact that these social networking sites have such huge memberships often leads people into thinking tha Read more >>

Bring Your Business To The Next Level – Expand Your Business Social Network

The business world is very competitive and if you do not try to catch up with the latest trend, you will surely be left behind. Entrepreneurs who refuse to innovate and reinvent their business strategies often do not survive the competition. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to keep your business up and running, you should never let your guards down. You should also see to it that you expand your business connections and client base. Expanding your social business network online is very convenient and easy to do.  A lot of people are already wired these days so if you use the internet to your advantage, you may be able to generate more clients and business contacts. In fact, you might be able to promote your business online for free. Read more >>

A Short History Of The Social Network

Before the dawn of history, a few cavemen got together and decided to cooperate for their mutual benefit and safety from the dangers the world held for them. In this crude and unplanned form social networking began. As time passed these groups became tribes, then villages, states and countries – all with the same aim of benefiting from their association. Along the way, people with more closely aligned interests formed guilds, brotherhoods and unions to enhance their personal aims and today they exist as Freemasons, Rotarians and other such groups. Even until the late 20th century, these social networks were limited by the need to be in physical proximity to each other – a need that disappeared when the internet arrived. Social n Read more >>

A Guide to Making Your Own Social Network

Having your own social network site has many benefits such as making you money from advertising and increasing your visibility for other purposes. You need a substantial budget and to invest a lot of time and energy to the creation of the site. The benefits of building such a site are mostly monetary, but you will also be able to expose yourself to a large audience for whichever purpose and to pass your agenda to be public. Decide on the source of the money you will be making – advertising and programs such as Google AdSense are the best sources because charging members will only drive them away. The greatest advantage of having your own social networking site is that it will make you a lot of money by offering branding opportuniti Read more >>