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Various Essential Marketing Research Methods

Marketing research methods are many and far flung, oftentimes seemingly unassociated but overall possessing and underlying connection which is gathering and recording data pertinent to sales, supply and demand, as well as product popularity aimed at a certain demographic. It was during the 1960s that one of the most commonly used research marketing methods were developed. There are five very common marketing research methods and each are used in varying degrees: there is surveying, personal interviews, observatory research, group-oriented research, and product trials. Surveying is the most common marketing research method  and one of the oldest tricks of the trade. Surveying methods are divided into three types: personal surveys which are Read more >>

Marketing Research Process And Procedure

Marketing research is the method of gathering pertinent data which pertains to the wants and needs of the general populace in relation to the ability of a supplier to provide said needs, thus facilitating an understanding between both parties. The process normally involves interviewing, surveying, a close observation of marketing performance, fads, and general public taste. With the help of marketing research, companies grow and improve the quality of their products not only to meet the standards of the consumers, but to open new roads to innovation and change. Marketing research data gathering is the primary source of information from which all sales, products, and marketing gimmicks stem from. Real-time data is attained through the simple Read more >>

A Quick Look At Medical Marketing Research

In our modern product-oriented society there are three things we can’t be without: money, television, and drugs. Statistic studies have shown that people have now become very dependent on drugs whether for pain management, psychological problems, or simply to maintain one’s health. Due to this growing dependency on medical prescriptions, pharmacological companies and healthcare profits are rising, with medical marketing research along with it. Medical marketing research encompasses a variety of fields under the medical banner; everything from healthcare to pharmaceuticals, patient studies, data collection, and pharmaceutical sales. Medical marketing research strives to find pertinent data regarding medical products and their frequency o Read more >>

The Usefulness Of Marketing Research Software

Marketing research has reached its zenith now that the internet has been employed to its advantage. Old methods and protocols have been adapted and enhanced to better meet the demands of our fast-paced community. Due to the growing interest in online marketing research many kinds of marketing research software have now been made available for use. Marketing research software is generally service-based, with companies offering their software for a price payable monthly or yearly. The online surveys and programs which monitor product popularity and site traffic are often controlled at least in part by marketing research software. Online surveys are an improvement on the original concept of the printed survey, with the added benefits of cost-e Read more >>

How To Conduct Marketing Research Analysis

Marketing research analysis is the interpretation of data gathered during surveying as a means to create a strategic marketing plan aimed at a consumer niche. The calculation and interpretation of data is usually conducted by experts to ensure accuracy. Marketing research analysis proves extremely helpful especially when planning business strategies, as it prevents significant losses and reduces risk. There is a certain process which must be undertaken prior to conducting marketing research analysis which is but a step in the whole marketing research protocol. The procedure generally begins with a company choosing a target audience for surveying. The second step is the creation of the survey itself, which is really nothing more than a serie Read more >>

A Quick Look At Consumer Marketing Research

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘the customer is always right’. Businesses have been built upon such an idea and despite the general opinion which says otherwise, companies nevertheless continue to strive hard to please their customers. Any good and well-directed business venture knows that the key to selling good products is in knowing the wants of your customers. The products and service that they sell are mostly subjective to the likes of their customers. While companies control production designs and product packaging concepts, it is consumer interest which dictates whether a product remains or is discontinued. This is where customer marketing research comes in handy, as the great influence which customers have over companies practi Read more >>

What Is Marketing Research? – An Introduction

Nowadays, businesses abound, and the means to making them thrive are as varied as the businesses. Every good businessman knows that getting to know the wants of your customer is the secret to a thriving business, but with millions of people to try and decode, how can it be done easily and effectively? Enter the solution: marketing research. What is marketing research then? Marketing research is nothing more than the means by which a company gathers data through a variety of media to be used for strategic business purposes like sales. What is marketing research surveying and how does it help? Marketing research surveys are types of data collection usually disseminated online or offline. Observational surveys and brand surveillance are also f Read more >>

Marketing Research Surveys :Useful Tools For A Business

Marketing research surveys are one of the oldest tricks companies have in order to get into the minds of their consumers and have been used since before the Internet was invented. Even though surveys are still in general use nowadays, a lot of people have developed a general dislike for it. Marketing research surveys are generally disseminated questionnaires to a large number of the populace in order to gather feedback over a certain product or service. It was once conducted with the use of good old-fashioned questionnaires, usually on a group expressly set up by a company for data collection. Surveying proved to be too much of a hassle due to the growing number of people however that the data gathered during surveys soon became unreliable. Read more >>

An Introduction To Basic Marketing Research Techniques

The means of conducting marketing research have improved over the years. Nowadays, we no longer depend so gravely on ads nor risk profit losses because of bad decisions. Some things never change however, and there are some old-fashioned tactics that are still in general use today. Long before E-bay and Amazon, businesses have been conducting marketing research with the idea that if they could get into their customers’ heads, they could sell better. Overtime, many marketing research techniques were developed, a number of which are still in wide use today. Surveying is perhaps the most widely used marketing research techniques alongside customer-feedback polls. Other marketing research techniques such as brand associative reviews, ad-market Read more >>