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Understand Ad Networks for Improving the Revenues from Your Blogs

By now, as a blogger, you must have realized that Ad Networks play vital role in providing substantial online income from your blogs. However, many bloggers overlook several important aspects about Ad Networks and as a result end up with very poor revenues from their blogs. Here are some of the most important pointers that can guide you on how to improve ad revenues. First of all, make sure that you know how the Ad Networks make the payments. Generally, three methods are adopted for payment to the blog owners. Cost Per Click (CPC) – In this method, you will get the payment for every click on the ads displayed on your site. Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) – For every thousand views/visits to your site, you will earn money. For inst Read more >>

What You Should Know Before You Sign up With Ad Networks

Ad Network is a great boon to the bloggers. If you have a blog and if you are thinking of getting the monetary benefits out of Ad Network Programs, you should understand certain basic things before subscribing to such programs. Carry on reading further to find out what you should know before you apply for the membership of Ad Networks. Understand the terms and conditions very clearly. Many Ad Networks do not permit running of other ads including your own advertisement. Besides, you should also be aware about the likely implications of click-frauds, invalid clicks and violation of terms and conditions. Make sure that you do not end up with termination of your account for some or the other reasons. Placement of ads is the most crucial aspect Read more >>

A Short Guide to Ad Networks

Do you own a website? Are you an owner of a blog? If yes, are you aware that you can make money from your blog? For many people, the above statements might sound like some sort of marketing gimmicks. Well, there are absolutely no fine-prints or any hidden terms and conditions. Thanks to the lucrative ad programs and ad networks from the likes of Google, Yahoo and others, you can monetize each and every part of your blog. What is an Ad Network? An Ad network is an agency that will run advertisements on the blogs or websites. For example, on this very site, you can see several advertisements run by Google. Since the niche of my blog is related with work at home and work from home, you can notice that almost all the ads belong to the categori Read more >>