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Basics of SEO for Work at Home Freelancers – How to Go About Search Engine Optimization

Basics of SEOBy now, you must have become familiar with the term ‘Search Engine Optimization‘. In this article, I will try to guide you how to go about optimizing your site for securing top positions on search engines.


  1. First of all, the overall appearance and design of your web site or blog plays a vital role. With effective web design, you can increase the chances of being listed higher on the search engines.
  2. Second most important part is to add Meta tags. For those who are not aware about Meta tags – it is a part of your web page that contains information about title, keywords and description. The information is stored in the source code and thus it is not visible on the web page itself. Meta tags enable the search engines to understand the relevance and importance of your web page in relation to the query for specific keywords. (You can ‘Right Click’ then ‘View Source’ on this page to see the Meta tags like title, keywords and description).
  3. When you are creating your blog pages, add tags such as title tags (title and subject with right keywords), description tags (it is like a synopsis of the entire page – don’t forget to blend the right keywords ) and last but not the least, keyword tags (include main keywords separated by a comma)
  4. Besides using keywords in the keyword tags, you should also use keywords all throughout the web pages including in title, headers, sub-headers and descriptions.
  5. As far as possible, avoid using words like ‘click here’ on your pages. Instead, go for actual keyword texts (known as anchor texts).
  6. Keep an optimum keyword density (about 2-3%), as higher density amounts to keyword abuse. Google often suggests bloggers and website owners to make web pages for actual users and not for search engines.
  7. Placement of keywords should be spread throughout the page, with more density in the beginning and at the end of the page.
  8. Instead of repeating the same keywords, use keyword variation with plurals or by changing the tense.
  9. Use precise navigation tools for linking your pages to home page and other links.
  10. Create and upload site map to the Search Engine Web Master.

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