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Basics of SEO for the Work at Home Freelancers – How Search Engines Work

How Search Engines WorkWhether you are running a social blog or a marketing website, you would always work out the ways to increase and improve traffic to your website. There are numerous methods to drive more traffic and create large readership base to your site. SEO or search engine optimization is one such method, which is one of the most effective and relatively cheaper methods. Before going further on SEO, let us begin with the most fundamental aspect of SEO, that is, how search engines work.

How Search Engines Work?

As soon as you submit your sites to web masters of search engines, within hours, you can expect search engine spiders to start crawling or scanning through your web pages for digging valuable information. Depending upon the quality of content, number of back links, link popularity and several other factors, search engines will add your site to the index of web pages. When somebody looks for some information on Google or other search engines, only indexed web pages (not websites) are displayed in the search results.

What Next?

Once you understand the working of search engines, your next task is to get your pages on the top of the search results. Moving up on the search rankings is the most critical exercise. Getting to the top and remaining among the top is actually a continuous process. This is where search engine optimization comes into picture. Search engine optimizers try to make it as simple as possible for the search engines to read their sites, the process is known as on-page optimization.

In the End:

SEO can save lots of money on the advertising costs. Nowadays, SEO has become the most powerful tool of Internet Marketing. Majority of search engine optimization techniques strive hard to achieve top positions on the three global search engine leaders Google, Yahoo and MSN. SEO being a huge topic, it can not be covered in one article and therefore keep on visiting this site to understand few more aspects of Search Engine Optimization process.

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