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Basic List Building Secrets

Everyone involved in ecommerce has their own ideas list building secrets- some may be good, many are usually bad and the rest will be product specific and may not work for you. To get you started, here are some simple list building secrets – you can go on to more advanced techniques are you become more adept at the process. The first thing to keep in mind is forget everything you have been told about the importance of big lists – what is the point of a list with 10,000 names of only 1% of them are potential customers? A list of 200 potential customers is worth much more than an unfocussed list of thousands of names and for this reason its usually not worthwhile buying lists – they have no aim or focus and you don’t know how valid the email addresses are.

A great way to build up our mailing list is to add a squeeze page to your site where a free download relating to your products is available to those who register with their email addresses. After getting the addresses keep regularly sending them interesting news and information – since they are interested in your line of business they will be happy to receive useful information and will soon feel that since you are a trusted source of news you must also be a trusted supplier. Once people start trusting you, you can ask them for references and while few will reply, those who do will be giving you addresses of those who are like them and will be interested in what you have to offer and the fact that you are communicating with the new customer through a reference means that trust has already been established with your new contact. Ando do not stop with email addresses – discretely ask for more information to build up customer profiles; but ensure that you are not seen as being nosy as this could lead to your motives being questioned. Opinion polls and surveys are great tools to get customer information without seeming to be prying.

Check out what your competitors are doing by joining their mailing lists under a different email address – it’s a great way to learn their list building secrets. There is much more to list building but the fundamental list building secret is that the quality of your list is more important than its size.

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