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An Overview of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingDue to its many advantages, more and more people are viewing the affiliate marketing programs as a better alternative of selling products or services than through advertisement spaces on the websites. Here is a list of few FAQs related to affiliate marketing programs.

1. What is the concept?

It is a powerful and effective Internet marketing concept where a person markets another person’s products or services as an affiliate. In traditional business, an affiliate is like a franchise or a DSA (direct sales agent). For every sale, the affiliate marketer earns some commissions.

2. What is the advantage for the merchants?

For some or the other reasons, many merchants do not like to go for their own websites for selling their products. Instead of creating compelling sites and keeping the sites updated with latest information about their products, they find themselves more comfortable with affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing dose not involve any overhead expenses. Besides, it is one of the best models for brand building.

3. What is the advantage for the affiliates?

Affiliates earn lucrative incentives and commissions when a potential customer buys any specific product or service through affiliate links on their sites.

4. Who runs affiliate marketing programs?

Affiliate marketing programs are created and run by web development companies or affiliate networks (link between a merchant and an affiliate). Affiliate programs are devised by experts in the Internet Marketing in such a way that the merchants as well as the affiliates both put in their best efforts and optimum resources to promote the business. Performance of the affiliate marketing site is measured in terms of clicks, registration and actual sales, among other.

5. Who can become an affiliate?

Anybody with a good website can subscribe to affiliate marketing programs subject to certain terms and conditions of the affiliate networks.

6. Where to find affiliate products?

Several companies including giants of the likes Amazon and Ebay offer affiliates programs. Incentives are substantially lower for the large companies and for the physical products. However, you can earn commissions as high as 75% for selling the digital products. Depending upon the niche of your site, you can search on the Internet for the right affiliate networks.

Here’s a list of few affiliate networks, visit and sign up for free:

  1. ClickBank
  2. PayDotCom
  3. ShareASale
  4. LinkShare
  5. MoreNiche
  6. Market Health
  7. CommissionJunction

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