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All About Linking Your eBay and PayPal Account

Did you know that you can link your eBay and PayPal account? Connecting your eBay and PayPal account can give you a lot of advantages, especially if you often use eBay. PayPal is considered to be the world’s biggest online payment service hence it is commonly used as a method for paying goods bought in eBay. Don’t have a PayPal account, no problem. Sign up now!

In addition, PayPal is also a very secure way of paying online as it acts as a third party mediator so that your financial information is not revealed to the merchant. It is also applicable for eBay merchants too.

Integrating your eBay and PayPal account can be done easily. To connect your eBay and PayPal account, the primary thing that you have to do is sign in to eBay and click on ‘My eBay’. Then click the ‘PayPal Account’ link in the ‘Account’ tab. After that, click the ‘Link My PayPalAccount’ button.

You will then be requested to login to your PayPal account and after that, your PayPal and eBay account are now connected. Do not forget though that you must verify your PayPal account first in order to integrate your account. This is done for further protection, because those people who haven’t verified their PayPal account haven’t done the essential measures to confirm their identity.

Once you have connected your PayPal and eBay account, your PayPal address will now be included in your eBay addresses. This will make it more convenient for you when buying an item from eBay. This address is called as a ‘confirmed address’ since PayPal has already verified that that address is the same with your credit card billing address. This can make eBay sellers more confident when dealing with you since you have a genuine address.

eBay sellers can also benefit greatly from linking their PayPal and eBay account. The reason is that if they can utilize their PayPal account to receive payment for their goods, they will be eligible for the PayPal Seller Protection. This policy can help them minimize their losses from charge-backs, buyer claims, or reversals for unauthorized payments and items not received.

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