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Adsense is an Excellent Tool for Sailing through Global Recession

Google Adsense or any other ad network programs are one of the best methods to make money online. In the first part of this article “Concept of Making Money through Google Adsense”, I had discussed some basic information about Google adsense.

In Part II, I have thrown some more light into this innovative adsense program. Here is a further guide to all about how to turn your hobby into a money-generating machine through Google Adsense.

  • Your adsense earnings or revenues are largely dependent upon the website traffic.
  • In order to have a steady flow of traffic and enhancing the number of visitors, you must regularly post useful informations and articles and update your website with latest news and informative contents from various fields including finance, travel, forex, health, stocks, fashion, celebrities, sports, Hollywood, Bollywood, sports, politics and many more. Generally, websites related to travel, tours, finance, forex, fashion and computer related products and services earn relatively more revenues with adsense programs.
  • You must always look out for various ideas about developing and redeveloping your website to make it more and more attractive and making the site compatible for search engines. Make your website, blog or forum interactive and invite more and more number of participants.
  • You may not get the desired traffic unless and until your website is listed on major search engines. Besides, you should also try to give as much publicity as possible by posting and linking your website with other forums, advertising through free classified websites, advertising your blog through social networking sites and several other means. A fresh and latest content for the targeted audience is an important part for a steady flow of web traffic.
  • Spend some qualitative time on exploring various myths about adwords, keywords, search engine optimization and how to generate traffic on your website. Google itself provides an in-depth information and advice on how to increase website traffic and generate more click-through. Keep an eye on what others say about their adsense experiences on various blogs and forums.
  • Once the earnings in your account reach first $50, Google will send you a Pin for address verification. As soon as, the balance in your Google adsense account becomes $100, you are eligible to request a withdrawal. You can request the payment in USD or any other local currency allowed by Google by a check or other electronic transfers.
  • Before releasing your payment, Google checks for click-frauds, that is, whether you have yourself clicked the advertisements or used some other illegal means. If Google comes across invalid clicks, your account is liable to be terminated immediately and the payment is also suspended.
  • Learn how to monitor website traffic and track your earnings through Google statistics, which provide complete details of number of page views, number of clicks and earnings per click. Keep in mind that the number of page views as shown by Google statistics is generally very less as compared to the one displayed by other web monitor software because such software do not differentiate between human traffic and automated traffic generated using robots and spiders.
  • Don’t get perturbed by large number of failure stories, instead have faith on relatively smaller number of success stories. One thing is certain that there are no chances whatsoever of any scams or frauds because Google is undoubtedly a proven company with presence in several nations all over the world.

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