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About Work At Home

Hello Friends…

Welcome to my Work at Home Forum and Blog. I am a freelancer and an independent professional catering to several niches of work at home and work from segments since past more than five years. On the strength of my qualifications, professional experience, sheer dedication and above all persistence in achieving success as online freelancer, today, I have reached a stage where I am taking home an attractive pay packet every month.

My journey and transition from an inexperienced guy looking out for freelance work to a successful freelancer was full of potholes and hurdles. I have tried my hands at several ‘work from home’ niches such as blogging, Google adsense, affiliate marketing and many more. Nevertheless, my patience has started rewarding me handsome returns from my freelancing activities. I feel that I must share my experience for the benefits of millions of Indians and others from all around the world who are aspiring to reach to their goal of a successful work at home career.

I intend to post several articles, tips, ideas and step-by-step procedure, reviews, feedbacks, and loads of information covering practically all the areas of work from home segment including blogging, Google adsense, affiliate marketing, SEO, get paid to, freelance sites, link building, data entry work, data processing work, web promotion, Internet marketing and transcription, among other.

Mind you friends, the idea behind starting this website is absolutely noble and selfless, with only one objective of helping others looking out for work at home information. I am sure that tons of young and old, employed and unemployed, retired and working, house-moms and college students are curious to learn minutest aspects of how to get started. I would sincerely try my best resources to provide maximum information and details about various ‘work from home’ avenues and opportunities.

My Sincere Best Wishes to All of You.

Happy Earning!

Lambodar Sahu

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Thank you for being with me.