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ABC of SEO – Search Engine Optimization

ABC of SEOAs a blog owner, trying hard to find ways and means of generating high traffic, you must have often come across a very popular term known as SEO. However, not many people really know what SEO is or how to optimize your site for higher search engine rankings. Here is a basic guide to SEO.

SEO, acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy of Internet Marketing. SEO is a process by which search engines can improve the volume and/or quality of traffic to a particular site based on the search results. In essence, search engine optimizer targets getting high natural search engine rankings and in turn getting more traffic to your site.

SEO is an extremely powerful tool, which has an ultimate goal to build and develop the site that contains keywords oriented stuff and that can anticipate how the users will search the specific information on search engines.

Generally, if the site appears earlier in the search results, it will receive more visitors. However, higher traffic may not necessarily mean high quality of visitor traffic, popularly termed as conversion action.

Conversion action means how often the visitors visit, request further information, take an action in the form of buying a product or downloading documents or any other way the visitor interacts with the site

SEO, though the term sounds simple, is not an easy task, as it requires a solid understanding of how search algorithms work. Besides, the knowledge of SEO demands a good understanding of human psychology – anticipating how and what the users might search.

Search engine optimizers may target several kinds of searches including image search, location search, product search, content search, maps search, multimedia search and industry specific search, among other.

Search Engine Optimization primarily involves editing the contents and HTML code of the website in order to increase its relevance to specific keywords.

Summing Up:

SEO is an intricate and difficult subject. Just by getting your site optimized does not guarantee high conversion actions and therefore go for quality traffic rather than higher volume. Besides SEO, many other factors need to be considered depending upon the goal of the website owner.

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