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A Quick Guide to Spotting Online Money Making Scams

Money Making ScamsIf you are a first-timer looking out for work at home opportunities, you would obviously start your search on Google pages with commonly used keywords such as ‘make money online‘, ‘free online income‘, ‘data entry jobs‘, ‘typing for cash‘, ‘get paid to surf‘, ‘earn online income‘, and ‘online money making ideas‘, among other. Besides, you might as well look out for sure shot guide or foolproof success plans for home based business.

This is where lots of scamsters take opportunity to sell some stuff guaranteeing 100% Free and 100% Guaranteed Success Formulas for Online Income. Almost all these guys trying to sell you success ideas turn out to be fraudulent websites. Based on my research, I have compiled a list of few things that can help you in spotting such scamsters.

  1. Look out for easily identifiable, monotonous and identical layouts of the web pages. Most of the scam websites have a single page that might run endlessly with the same stuff repeated all over the whole page but written in different language. You can also easily notice the similarities in font types and font colors, frequent use of bold texts with gaudy highlights and couple of testimonials, on scam websites.
  2. Majority of the fast buck schemes do not provide any physical contact details such as address and telephone numbers.
  3. Almost all the scam sites would offer you 100% guarantee. These guys out there are experts in human psychology. They are damn sure that very small percentage of the subscribers is going to demand for return of money.
  4. Check out the tone of the contents on the website. If the tone sounds arrogant and over-confident, you can safely deduce that the seller of the online money making ideas could be potential scamsters.
  5. Somehow, I have found that the products sold by the scamsters are always priced at an amount that ends with figure 9, for example $29, $49, $99 etc. Besides, everybody is offered signing bouns and hefty discounts on the actual price of the services.
  6. Never get tempted by the testimonials showing proof of income and graphics displaying a guy standing next to a million dollar sports car.
  7. Finally, check the domain name. If it is loaded with couple of keywords such as money, rich, quick, fortune and online, you could safely presume that the guy out there is a fraud.

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