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A Guide to the Prevailing Rates on Online Freelance Writing & Copywriting Jobs

writing articlesFreelance writing and copywriting is by and large the most lucrative option for freelancers who are not possessing software and programming skills. Original and well-structured articles without any typographical and grammatical mistakes could easily fetch attractive remunerations to the freelance writers. Here is a broad overview of ongoing rates for various writing and rewriting jobs on popular freelance sites.

Rates for Writing and Copywriting

Rates for writing fresh and well-researched articles are generally decided on the basis of per 100-words. For instance, an article with 500-words (around one full A4 size page) should easily pay anywhere ranging from $3-5 on the most popular freelancing sites GetAFreelancer and ScriptLance, which works out to a rate of $0.6-1 per 100 words. Nevertheless, due to acute competitions, writers are often willing to work at the rates as low as $0.75-1 for a 500-word article. It is generally difficult to get higher rates of the order $8-10 per article on GAF and ScriptLance. However, on Elance, the rates are relatively more, which start from $5 upward and exceptionally good stuff could easily fetch $10+ per article.

Rates for Rewriting Articles

In rewriting jobs, you are expected to rewrite an existing article in your own words without changing the meaning of the original article. Rewriting jobs are treated one-step lower than original writing jobs. Generally, the rates are about 50-60% of the rates for original and fresh contents. In dollar terms, the rates are $1.5-3 for an article of 500-words.

Scenario for Indian Writers

Presuming a lower rate of $3 for a 500-word article, for Indian writers, it works out to around Rs. 125-150 per article (at the present exchange rate of Rs.50 to a Dollar). Average writers can manage to write about 6-8 articles by doing 8-hours work per day, which pays about Rs.1000 per day. Even if you do not work on weekends, you could easily make approximately Rs.20,000 per month. Above average and experienced writers can make more than Rs.30,000-40,000 per month. Earning an income of Rs.50,000+ per month is a piece of cake for exceptionally good writers.

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