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A Guide on Safe PayPal Account Login

PayPal account login is an integral part of using this online payment service. To login to your PayPal account, you have to enter the email address that you registered and your password. You may also opt to directly go to your account or to your transactions when you login. PayPal uses an encrypted connection to protect your account from fraud. Unfortunately, there are still many ways by which scammers can gain knowledge of your PayPal account login details. Here are a few reminders on how to protect your PayPal account login details.

First and foremost, never ever conduct a PayPal account login using a link from an email. This is one of the most commonly used scamming method but unfortunately, a lot of people are still deceived by it. Although the link will bring you to a very convincing PayPal account login page, it is actually just a dummy website designed to record your login details. Once the scammers have acquired your PayPal email and password, they can now utilize your credit card through your PayPal account to buy anything.

If you happen to chance upon a dubious email that contains a link to a supposedly PayPal account login, you can report it to PayPal so that they can take the necessary steps. To inform Paypal of a dubious email, forward the message to spoof@paypal.com Remove the message from you inbox afterwards. Also, keep in mind that PayPal will never ask for your email and password, so do not attend to such requests from an email message as they are probably scammers as well.

If you are doing a PayPal account login from a shared computer, do not ever leave it without logging out the site first. Keep in mind that by doing so, you are putting your account at risk of being abused by other people who will use the computer. Also, do not do a PayPal account login from an internet cafe as much as possible. These internet cafes may have installed keylogger software in their computers which can obtain your PayPal account login details.

Do not forget that the most advisable way of doing a PayPal account login is by going directly to www.paypal.com with a web browser. Do not go to the site using a link or with a built-in browser from an app.

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