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A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

BloggingMany of the computer and Internet literates have heard about blog, blogsite, blogging etc. However, out there is a large population in many countries that is not at all aware about what is a blog. Many people have just some vague ideas about blogging. I am going to write a series of articles on all the aspects of blogging including the most important part on how you can earn a steady and passive flow of income through blogging. To begin with, here is a small article on the basics of blogging.

What is a Blog?

  • A blog is essentially a website created and maintained by a person like you and I.
  • The actual term for the word blog is “Weblog”, which means a log on the web. Over the period, weblog has contracted into Blog.
  • A blog contains articles, commentary, postings, updates, entries, graphics, images, videos and much other information.
  • A blog is a noun as well as a verb as in blogging
  • Typically, a blog has textual information, images, web pages, links to other sites, place for the readers to post their comments (interactive format) and above all advertisements.
  • Some of the blogs are sort of personal diaries, while other blogs contain specific content oriented topics and information.
  • Majority of the blogs contain only textual information while some blogs may put stress on pictures, audios and videos.
  • Depending upon the primary content, blogs may be known by different names such as vblogs (video blogs) photoblogs, MP3blogs, audio blog (podcasting), personal blogs, corporate blogs, moblogs (mobile blogs), political blogs, social blogs, fashion blogs, education blogs etc.
  • Many blogs are generally part of wider social networks.
  • There are more than 100+ million blogs on the World Wide Web.
  • Community of bloggers is called as blogosphere.

Summing Up:

Blogging is nothing but sharing your thoughts, experiences, knowledge with millions of others all over the world. Blogging can be a fun pastime and a hobby and at the same time, it can become an easy way of making money online.

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