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Archive for December, 2009

Make an easy $50 to $100

Make At Least $50 – $100 Per Site Flip Step 1 Register a niche domain name. Based it around a specific niche or series of products or entertainment site and make sure the keywords get some traffic. Go to opensourcedesign.org or oswd.org and find a template to match your niche. Step 2 Build 10 to 20 page website with content based on your niche. Step 3 List is on sitepoint.com market place under turkey key website and list it for $50 to $100 Make $100 to $500 off the same site. in 30 days Instead of selling it right away do some promotional work with your site. Decide how you want to make money with your site. Adsense or affiliate promotions or a mixture of both. Ebay affiliate program also good for niche sites. Add wordpress blog to Read more >>

Effective Work From Home Tips and Advice

How many times have you sat back in your office, the same office you have been stuck in for the past three years and thought to yourself that has to be another way to make money? Then you see an advert promising you untold riches working from home. The very thought of working from home is very intoxicating. No traffic or trains to negotiate, no office politics to avoid, just roll out of bed and get on with work. Whilst this all sounds like work heaven, there is one crucial element you need in order to succeed. And that is discipline. It is very easy to stop work and become sidetracked doing chores or gym or anything that you normally had to wait to do until you came home from a normal working day. Working from home should carry exactly the Read more >>