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Archive for May, 2009

Make Money with IndiaStudyChannel.com – An Adsense Revenue Sharing Website

IndiaStudyChannel.com is an Adsense revenue sharing website, shares 90% of Adsense Revenue with its members, has more than One Lakh thirty thousand members from all over the globe. This website has many cash programs from which you get paid directly when you add content. If you are a newbie than must join this site. There is NO FEES to join. All revenue sharing programs are free to participate. Also you can find valuable articles and blogs related to Education, Career guidance and other useful topics. Also, you may discuss on various subjects related to education and other general topics. Their payment programs are designed for students to make some pocket money during by sharing their knowledge and educational materials like question paper Read more >>

PPC Vs SEO – Which One is Right for the Freelancers in the Internet Marketing Business

For a freelance Internet Marketer or a Blogger looking for Google Adsense income, marketing their websites and generating huge traffic are the two most important tasks. Selecting the right method, SEO or PPC Campaigns, is often a tough decision. In this article, I have discussed few points, which could guide you in taking the right decision. PPC – Pay per Click, as the name implies, is a method where advertisers pay for every click on their advertisement. Many of you might be aware how PPC works. You will write a compelling ad blending right keywords in the content, bid the price for the desired slots and placements on the search engines and pay whenever someone clicks on the ad. SEO is an Internet Marketing strategy. Therefore, like any Read more >>

Basics of SEO for Work at Home Freelancers – How to Go About Link Building

SEO is not only a time consuming but also a continuous process and that is why SEO experts often state that thriving for top ranking through SEO tactics is an ongoing battle. Link building is an integral component of entire Search Engine Optimization Process. I’m sure that you must have heard about link building and its role in generating traffic to your site. You might have read two interesting articles on this very site itself. Carry on reading further to learn how to go about link building. There are several ways of how to find popular sites and get those authority pages linked to your site. Keep a watch on Google alerts that will update you on sites relevant to your niche. You can look out for list of top 10, 20 or 30 sites in yo Read more >>

Basics of SEO for Work at Home Freelancers – How to Go About Search Engine Optimization

By now, you must have become familiar with the term ‘Search Engine Optimization‘. In this article, I will try to guide you how to go about optimizing your site for securing top positions on search engines. . First of all, the overall appearance and design of your web site or blog plays a vital role. With effective web design, you can increase the chances of being listed higher on the search engines. Second most important part is to add Meta tags. For those who are not aware about Meta tags – it is a part of your web page that contains information about title, keywords and description. The information is stored in the source code and thus it is not visible on the web page itself. Meta tags enable the search engines to understa Read more >>

Basics of SEO for the Work at Home Freelancers – How Search Engines Work

Whether you are running a social blog or a marketing website, you would always work out the ways to increase and improve traffic to your website. There are numerous methods to drive more traffic and create large readership base to your site. SEO or search engine optimization is one such method, which is one of the most effective and relatively cheaper methods. Before going further on SEO, let us begin with the most fundamental aspect of SEO, that is, how search engines work. How Search Engines Work? As soon as you submit your sites to web masters of search engines, within hours, you can expect search engine spiders to start crawling or scanning through your web pages for digging valuable information. Depending upon the quality of content, n Read more >>

Make Money with Click Bank Affiliate Program – Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, E-Commerce and online marketing, after having debuted in the middle of 1990s, has passed through phases of ups and downs. Dot com burst of 2000 raised serious doubts about the sustainability of E-Commerce business model. However, with strong business models and innovations in the technologies and strategies, once again, Internet marketing seems to be on a path to strong growth. Making money with Internet marketing was never so easy especially after the introduction of affiliate marketing concept. ClickBank, PayDotCom, ShareASale, LinkShare, MoreNiche, Market Health and Commission Junction are few of the most reputed and successful names in the affiliate marketing programs. Click Bank is more popular amongst the freelance Read more >>

Understand What is Pay per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click, acronym PPC, is one of the most powerful and effective ways of generating huge traffic to your website or products. It has changed the way Internet marketing works. Here is a guide to the basic concepts of PPC advertising. PPC is a form of advertising used on search engines and ad networks, where the advertiser pays the host for every click generated on the ad. Pay per Click advertising means paying the advertisers typically through AdWords delivery system of Google, Yahoo, MSN, BidVertiser or AdBrite for each click generated on the ad link. When you search any keywords on Google, you can find PPC ads on the top or on the right hand side of the search results – known as ‘Sponsored Links‘. In-Content ad links ap Read more >>

How Good are Get Paid to Survey – Know the Realities

You must have often seen tons of advertisements on the Internet claiming to make enormous amounts of money sitting at home just by taking online surveys. However, most of the time, the dreams of making huge money through ‘Get Paid to Survey‘ turn out to be far from realities. I don’t intend to dissuade you from taking up such jobs. Nevertheless, you must be aware about the hard facts of get paid to survey. Here are few pointers to keep in mind before you even think of signing up for such schemes. Majority of get paid to survey companies may not pay you real cash. Instead, they may pay you by sweepstakes, gift vouchers and many other methods where you might ultimately end up paying from your pockets by way of taxes and oth Read more >>

Know the Realities of Captcha Entry Work at Home Jobs

As a freelancer, you must have often come across “Captcha Entry” job postings on GAF, ScriptLance and other freelancing sites. For the beginners, the term captcha and hence the job “Captcha Entry”may sound strange. However, almost all of us have to live with captcha while dealing on the Internet. I have never tried to do captcha entry jobs due to personal reservations. Nevertheless, I think that I should try to throw some lights on what is a captcha and why you should avoid captcha entry jobs. Carry on reading further to get an insight into captcha. What is Captcha? CAPTCHA, derived from the word capture, is the acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Captcha is a type of challe Read more >>